Teaching Generation Z

I just had this conversation with a professor at work – she was bemoaning the fact that traditional instruction no longer seems to work. “They’re all on their phone and computers, and no one is listening.” How DO we address the learning styles of this current generation of students? Here an interesting article that tells the story of how it is. Later on, we’ll address how we may have to adapt.


One thought on “Teaching Generation Z

  1. Very interesting indeed. So does Generation Z stand for “zzzzzzzzzzzz zz z zz” (as in sleep) or Zoned out?????? Ugh. I thought the part about turning in the evaluations and finding positive feedback is very interesting. I’ve also come to realize that when most of the younger generations raises their face to face another human being, the elevation of this motion does not apply to the lines in their face. There are just blank stares and that person could be as happy as can be or as sad as just losing their best friend, but the face shows no emotion whatsoever. Perhaps they take a class on emotion? I’m so glad I grew up in the boomer generation. I’m also happy for the opportunity to reinvent myself in school again after all these years and I AM that eager-beaver student that the professor recognizes as he or she enters the room 🙂 Thanks for sharing this think-tank article!

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