Education Continues Outside the Classroom

The world has changed since I was in school, oh so long ago. I still regret not taking Typing, but I was going to save the world, and I was positive that it would not require typing. Turns out, I was so wrong!

Computer literacy was the buzz phrase when I was working in the computer lab in the public school a few years ago, and now literacy encompasses much, much more than just keyboarding skills. I knew teachers who resented “taking time from teaching to have kids learn about computers” – but this is the world they are growing up into. Computer skills is not a separate “subject” – our challenge now is making its use a part of the curriculum, not a separate subject (as Typing was, back in my high school).

Some teachers are using blogs to encourage writing read about it in Education Continues Outside the Classroom on

One thought on “Education Continues Outside the Classroom

  1. I think this is a great way to use a computer to encourage students to read/write/share. I don’t know how I feel for it to be paper free. I’ve had college students who don’t know how to write in cursive because it wasn’t required in school. Students still need to know how to write on paper and I hope that doesn’t start to dwindle because we are typing notes instead of handwriting. Technology has it’s advantages, but then again not everyone has access to technology. Still an interesting article.

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