It’s Okay, Grandma – Facebook is Good for You

I’m always a little irritated by people who rant about the horrors of Facebook.  Of course – anything that consumes huge amounts of time, or that causes you to not do things you should do is an addiction, whether’s drinking, bingo, talking on the telephone, watching reality TV, or spending too much time on Facebook.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise.  And of course, have some common sense about what you do on Facebook –  don’t rail at your boss, boast about your bank heist, or post pictures of your drunken debacle from Spring Break – in short, don’t post ANYTHING you wouldn’t want your mother, your boss, or the entire world to know,  now or in the future.  Just like that tattoo that seemed like such a good idea after a long night on Sixth Street, Facebook is forever.  At least, for now.

But I’ve long been convinced that Facebook has some benefits, and research done at the University of Arizona suggests that this may be true, at least for senior citizens. A study of adult 68-91 showed a “25% improvement in tasks relating to working memory in new Facebook users.”  But, just like everything on the internet, check this info out for yourself!

Facebook May Give Senior Citizens a Cognitive Boost

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