Gaming with a Purpose: Charting Nerve Connections in the Brain

I heard this on NPR when I was coming back from buying some things for our next ACCHaoS school visit.  This is even better than Words with Friends – imagine charting the billions of nerve connections in the brain with your computer.  Sebastian Seung, a neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is recruiting people – gamers specifically – to help unravel the mystery of the neural connections.  Seung and his colleagues have developed EyeWire  in attempt to map the neural connections in the eye.   “Anyone sitting in their living room can just fire up a Web browser and look at images of neurons, and help us figure out how they’re connected,” he says.

I’m in!  I’m not a gamer, but anything about the brain – and/or computers – fascinates me.  Here’s the story – Wanna Play?  Computer Gamers Push the Frontier of Brain Research

I hope there’s an iPhone app soon 😉