Page Numbering in MS Word

Wantt to know how to start numbering on a page other than the first one  (say you don’t want to have page numbers on the title page, and the table of contents)?  Here’s an easy how-to:


Tip of the Day: Google Drive for iPhone

I haven’t been this excited about a tip since I discovered how to use “concatenate” in spreadsheets (no, I do not need to get out more).   Yesterday I was stuck in the seemingly endless Purgatory of waiting for for software to install.   Because I had to stay right there so I could hit “Continue” or “I Agree” at the appropriate moments, I was playing around with my iPhone.  I love my iPhone, and I am always thrilled when I find yet another thing that makes me love it even more.  My big find?  Google Drive for iPhone.  It’s amazing.  I can manage everything on my Google Drive, right there from my phone.  For example, I wanted to change the permissions on some of the folders that are shared with some of my colleagues.  No problem – it was almost easier to do on my phone than it is to do on the computer.  A much better use of my time than playing Words With Friends!

Google Drive is available in the App Store.

Tip of the Day: Auto Back-up for Your Flash Drive

fdI hadn’t thought about during this, but someone asked me about it today. My problem is always having to move things OFF of my hard drive, but I see the utility in this for people who work on multiple computers.  LifeHacker recommended a great little free program called USBFlashCopy.  It can be set up to automatically back-up the contents of your flash drive to your computer every time it is plugged into your computer.

It’s freeware, although there is an option to buy a version that runs in the background for $39.99.  Personally, I’d just as soon see what it is doing.

Here’s a direct link to the product webpage: