Tip of the Day: Google Drive for iPhone

I haven’t been this excited about a tip since I discovered how to use “concatenate” in spreadsheets (no, I do not need to get out more).   Yesterday I was stuck in the seemingly endless Purgatory of waiting for for software to install.   Because I had to stay right there so I could hit “Continue” or “I Agree” at the appropriate moments, I was playing around with my iPhone.  I love my iPhone, and I am always thrilled when I find yet another thing that makes me love it even more.  My big find?  Google Drive for iPhone.  It’s amazing.  I can manage everything on my Google Drive, right there from my phone.  For example, I wanted to change the permissions on some of the folders that are shared with some of my colleagues.  No problem – it was almost easier to do on my phone than it is to do on the computer.  A much better use of my time than playing Words With Friends!

Google Drive is available in the App Store.

One thought on “Tip of the Day: Google Drive for iPhone

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