Best New Article on iPhone/iPad Tricks and Tips

Found this article from BuzzFeed via Facebook:  Mind-blowing Tricks Every iPhone and iPad User Should Know

Some of these I knew (like hitting the space bar twice for a period), but there were several that I didn’t:

  • How to set your iPad for easier thumb typing.
  • Did you know that you can tell Siri, “Wake me up in three hours”?  Siri will do the math for you, and set the correct alarm.
  • If you turn on Airplane mode, did you know that your iPhone will charge twice as fast? Wish I’d known that over the holidays when I was driving around aimlessly, trying to charge an almost dead phone.
  • You can childproof your iPhone by turning on Guided Access.  We all needed that during holiday visits, didn’t we?

There’s more.  Check it out, and if your favorite iPhone/iPad trick isn’t there, share it with us!