How to Use Google Search Efficiently

Have you ever waded trough page after page of results, and finally found what you were looking for on page 5 – or not at all?  There are lots of tricks to help you search more efficiently, and this article from LifeHacker has several.  Check it out!


When Bad Things Happen to Good Computers

No one wants to think about being hacked, but it can happen.  I just read a great article from LifeHacker-What to Do When Someone Gets Unauthorized Access to Your Computer .  Toward the bottom of the article there are some good tips on prevention.

Be safe out there.

Spreadsheet Tips That Will Make You Happy (Tip of the Day)

happyIf you know me at all, you know I love a good spreadsheet.  Oh, if it were only as simple to clean house, or organize my life (though I admit – I have a spreadsheet for both of those things).

Today’s article from Lifehack, 20 Tricks That Can Make Anyone An Excel Expert,  has twenty awesome tricks you can use to make working with spreadsheets easier.  And while it’s hard to pick a favorite, the one that has saved me loads of time and frustration is number 13, which is a neat trick that transposes your data from a row to a column.  Who hasn’t started a spreadsheet, entered data and then suddenly realized that you set it up it wrong?  If you don’t know this trick, this is a head-down-on-the-desk-while-contemplating-a-new-career-option-as-a-welcomer-at-the-big-box-store moment.  And it doesn’t have to happen.  Check out this article – maybe it’ll save you time, and more importantly, save you from that big goose egg on your forehead and/or that unflattering blue vest.  Be happy.

Efficient Emailing

We all have a LOT of email.  I really appreciate it when the emails I receive are concise, and to the point, and I need to work on making sure mine are as well.  Here a short, but to the point article from Lifehacker on how to write efficient emails.