Top 10 Education Apps for College Student

Online Colleges (  has a list of their top ten must-have apps for college students.  I would add Tempo to this list, but other than that, I can’t think of any.  What other apps are essential for students?


Taking the Next Steps in the Higher Ed Classroom

This article –  How Professors Are Using Your Favorite Apps – has some great ideas for using technology in the classroom in ways you might not have ever imagined.    Using Skype for multi-university collaboration, using Twitter for reminders, and sharing documents via Dropbox are great ideas, but some professors are taking advantage of the tools to restructure learning and the delivery of information.   Some professors have even designed their own apps to take attendance and provide interaction during lectures.

How can we apply this to our department?  What things are you already doing?

Highland Campus in the News

Austin Community College‘s Highland campus is in the news again.  Seems that there is talk that the ACC expansion might be a plus in the redevelopment of the Airport Road all the way to Muellar.  What might a revitalized Airport Road development look like?  More shopping?  Green space?  Affordable housing?  What would you want to see happen?

Education Continues Outside the Classroom

The world has changed since I was in school, oh so long ago. I still regret not taking Typing, but I was going to save the world, and I was positive that it would not require typing. Turns out, I was so wrong!

Computer literacy was the buzz phrase when I was working in the computer lab in the public school a few years ago, and now literacy encompasses much, much more than just keyboarding skills. I knew teachers who resented “taking time from teaching to have kids learn about computers” – but this is the world they are growing up into. Computer skills is not a separate “subject” – our challenge now is making its use a part of the curriculum, not a separate subject (as Typing was, back in my high school).

Some teachers are using blogs to encourage writing read about it in Education Continues Outside the Classroom on

Teaching Generation Z

I just had this conversation with a professor at work – she was bemoaning the fact that traditional instruction no longer seems to work. “They’re all on their phone and computers, and no one is listening.” How DO we address the learning styles of this current generation of students? Here an interesting article that tells the story of how it is. Later on, we’ll address how we may have to adapt.